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Each of us can open, awaken and refine our psychic and spiritual faculties to access worlds beyond ordinary reality. The main point for us  is to deploy  the spiritual being that we are , complete with all its  subtle faculties. Thus connected to  the higher planes, we best fulfill our spiritual missions and  improve our lives and the lives of those entrusted to us.

Spiritual Keys

The Law of Attraction and its limits

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Who is Serge Boutboul ?

The teachings of Serge Boutboul open the way to a deeper understanding of oneself and the universe.

They offer unique and enlightening perspectives on how to live a more fulfilling and meaningful life and cover many topics like meditation, the law of attraction or  developing spiritual faculties to name but a few.
After dozens of years of experience and spiritual exploration, Serge Boutboul brings an authentic and accessible approach to spiritual students of all levels.
Whether you are at the beginning of your spiritual quest or looking to deepen your practice, Serge Boutboul‘s teachings will offer you valuable and transformative guidance.

We all have psychic and spiritual faculties within us

They are latent in each of us. We can develop them naturally if we work from accurate knowledge and adopt a pragmatic approach.
It is not a matter of beliefs . It is a question of trials and errors.
These experiments  and experiences  deeply transform our outlook on everything . They reveal to us a  greater and more beautiful  reality than anything we could have imagined .
We are spiritual beings although we tend to forget it.…

This incarnation is an important one .

The Earth is going through a unique moment since it is undergoing a strong vibrational rise. This entails  many positive consequences, including the awakening of all of humanity.
Stepping  closer to the Light and  raising  our vibrational level  seems necessary in order to experience this passage more lightly .

Serge Boutboul was the friend and student of Raymond Réant, one of the greatest French clairvoyants

He has been teaching psychic and spiritual awakening techniques for over thirty years . Through his courses, workshops, conferences, videos,  and radio broadcasts  he has raised awareness among a large French-speaking audience.
He is the author of several bestsellers: « Développez vos facultés psychiques et spirituelles » (Develop your psychic and spiritual faculties). « Comment percevoir et agir sur les mondes subtils qui nous entourent » (How to perceive and act on the subtle worlds around us) and « Comment déployer l’être spirituel que nous sommes et Devenir un être spirituel authentique » (How to deploy the spiritual being that we are and Become an authentic spiritual being), his new book published in 2023.

These books are  yet to be translated into other languages.

Serge Boutboul

How to deploy the spiritual being that we are and Become an authentic spiritual being

Serge Boutboul’s new book

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